Editing and writing

Are you looking for the peace of mind and competitive edge that comes from having your academic journal, monograph, article or textbook professionally edited?

If so, I can help by:

Copy editing: I will work on your text to ensure consistency of style, to correct any faulty spelling, grammar and punctuation and to draw your attention to any incomplete or confusing material.

Proofreading: I will carefully check all written material to ensure that no embarrassing errors have made it through to the final stage before printing. You will have the reassurance that your work is being checked by someone with time and experience rather than skim-read under pressure.

Editing and rewriting: I can rewrite text to get rid of verbosity, clumsiness or vagueness of expression; combine material from different authors to give a consistency of style; clarify ambiguous or confusing statements and suggest areas where the material could be improved by deleting, expanding or re-ordering the text.

Writing and research: I have extensive experience of researching articles, compiling new material, conducting and writing up interviews and creating reports, information packs and case studies.

I am happy to work on paper or on screen.

Recent work:

  • Academic journals
  • Secondary and primary level school textbooks, teachers’ guides
  • University-level monographs